Monday, October 27, 2008


Violet's College Fund has tagged me! Here are the rules:

  • Link back to the person who tagged you and share the rules on your blog.
    Share seven facts about yourself.
    Tag seven people and list their links in the post.
    Tell those seven people they've been tagged by commenting in their blog.

So here are seven facts about me:

  1. I have three boys under five who help me to toss my Avon books. They yell "Go, Mommy, go!" and "Mommy, you forgot to give that house Avon!" when they are in the car with me while I toss.
  2. I like to have an Open House for Avon every year in the fall. I haven't had one this year due to such a busy weekend schedule. But I may still do it. This is my best money maker of the year with Avon.
  3. I have been "Avoning" for three years.
  4. I recently moved to the country and hope to get some goats and chickens next year.
  5. I have been married for six years. My dh is getting his MBA, so I'm hoping he can help me to run a more successful Avon business with his new knowledge ;).
  6. Couponing is a new found hobby of mine. I love to see how much money I can save!
  7. My best friend is my best Avon customer. And she's also probably my biggest Avon supporter. She keeps me going when I think I should just quit. She's the best!

Tag! You're it!

Ok, I'm breaking the rules a little, here, because most of the blogs I frequent have already been tagged.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Starting again...again

I have recently started up my Avon business again. I've decided that I need to hold myself more accountable. It is nearing the Christmas season, and this is a time when business is usually booming. I've already had several people seek me out for books with little to no effort on my part. Imagine if I made the effort!

I've created myself a schedule, and plan to add to it as I see the need. My "boss" (read: husband) will check my schedule each day and remind me if I've forgotton (or tried to get out of) doing something.

Here is my assigned schedule:

Submit orders
Update mileage
Return calls

Update Excel documents
Return calls

Prep new brochures
Return calls

Update website
Prep delivery
Return calls

Return calls

Any other deliveries
Return calls

Ok, so that looks better on paper in table form than it does here, but I don't know how to put a table into my blog!

Goals for today include:

  1. Getting my old orders together.
  2. Getting a book to a new customer.
  3. Tossing books that are bagged and ready to go.

I will check back in tonight to see if I accomplished all of them!